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A pretty good read for those like me who were more partial to Bernie at times but have really come to support Clinton more enthusiastically over time as I dug deeper.
Heh, every talking point was just trying to force Hillary strength into people throat without asking the crucial questions that every progressive out there reading it will ask:
  • 9/11 responders: if she was so passionate about the 9/11 responders, where was her when Jon Steward comes to the Congress begging the renewing Zadroga Act then? No political points to score?
  • 1994 universial health care bill. Yeah we all knows about it. Tended to call it as "the Hillary before being corrupted by insurance company lobby money and declare universal healthcare will never happen in America". I guess the "Bernie bro" above hit his head after primary and gone amnesia about the 2nd part
  • Lybia? No progressive care about Republican Benghazi drilling. What we cared about is is why there are 4 deaths American, hundred thousands of brown one, and ISIS training camps in Lybia right now? In fact why Chris Stevens was there if not to funnel the weapons in Lybia to "Syrian radical rebel" aka ISIS group? Dd she even learn the Iraq lesson?
  • etc

If you try to go with the "I know you care about these issues", then at least get the damn issues right first.
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