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Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
Well there has to be some reason oda refuses to show his face despite the fact that he is supposed to be dead. It must mean his face is recognizable.
Or it could simply be because Oda's not ready to reveal Oden's face yet.

Originally Posted by Ramero View Post
Garp also grinning before Marineford War during when Rayleigh was at slave auction. Let's just say he got a foresight or intuition that his prediction will come true. It's very rare to have a CO (Commanding Officer) have a great foresight like that. I personally want Garp to become a Fleet Admiral and Tsuru remains as Number Two at Marines since both have a great strategic mind than current FA (Which in this case Akainu or Sakazuki).
Garp's era is over and it's time for the torch to be passed down to the future generation.

Originally Posted by necrolyte View Post
On the other topic you were discussing, about Luffy being someone else famous(his mother being Im or Rox being his gf) child, I am actually really agains it. I am sick of such connections because it looks like whatever Luffy has acomplished is because of his blood and not of his beliefs, motivation and hard work.
Agreed. Luffy is his own man whose success is attributed to his core values and willpower. Biological relations and lineage be damned. It's about creating a legacy and impact irrespective of where you come from or what your roots are.
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