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Originally Posted by khoa1708 View Post
just a random question stemming from the previous chapters... just because someone is called "PIRATE KING" doesn't mean they're the strongest fighter in the world right? or does it?

for some reason I don't think Luffy will be the strongest even when he becomes PK...
Well, not necessarily. For that titles like world's strongest man/swordsman/creature are better indicators imo.

But Roger was implied to be Whitebeard's equal, and Whitebeard was known as world's strongest man.
Though we don't know if they fought when both were at their peak so it's possible Roger was weaker or stronger.
We probably wouldn't know with 100% certainty unless Oda gives us something more conclusive.

As for Luffy, looking at his growth rate and future opponents/obstacles, him being the strongest man in the world seems inevitable tbh. True, Oda could make him the PK even without being the future WSM but just doesn't seem likely to me.

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