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Originally Posted by khoa1708 View Post
so you think luffy will eventually be stronger than all the yonko and the marine admirals?
I think Luffy will find the one piece and get the title of PK but he will have people on the same level as him in terms of strength
He could be the strongest and still have a few people pretty close to him, who can give him a hell of a fight. But I honestly don't see him being weaker than any other pirate or marine admiral.

Kaido for example has enough hype to be strongest alive, but Big Mom can apparently clash evenly with him so it might take the highest amount of effort for him to defeat her.

Or Luffy might end up being well above the current yonko/admirals. Really depends on what Oda wants to do.
Blackbeard with multiple fruits or Im-sama(if he's a fighter) could be much stronger than current yonkos and Luffy might need to defeat them.
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