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Talking about grindfest, how does wow hide it better than other MMORPG? I haven't played other MMORPG, but back when i was playing, grinding my way to exalted rep with furbolgs for +15agi, or exalted with AV/Arathi Basin was also quite a long and boring grind fest...

Seeing how it's mentioned that it has changed, i assume it's easier or atleast more fun in TBC/WoTLK ? If not those other MMORPG's must of been some really hardcore grindfest, as (vanilla)WOW was already too much for me.

I notice previous page was about Hunter pet. I use to use this site. I really like the rare frostsaber spawn in Winterspring. Think i camped there with my hunter for 3 days until i finally spot it in the morning before going to school Was one of the coolest looking pet imho. But seems like TBC/WoTLK brought a lot of new pets. corehouds/Devilsaurs oO!!

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