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You know, people here have been saying that Azusa's character is almost radically different from her character in the manga...

I have a thought that they're only making her quiet in the anime just to add some mystery to her until she gets formally introduced in the next episode; Dramatic effect, in shorter terms...So far, the only personal contact she's had with the club is when talking to Mio when she had her horse costume on handing out flyers and when she walked into the room to announce her inclusion into the club (Not to mention the physical contact with a Tackle Attack Ritsu)...

We otherwise don't know anything about her, short of her name and the class she's in...Unless you've been reading the manga, anime-only people don't know what kind of instrument she plays, the make and model of her instrument, what she likes to play, or even what she thinks of the club and it's members, as well as anything else about her personality...I think we'll get a familiar manga Azusa during her "breaking in" episode this weekend...
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