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Well, that's the gist of it, although I wouldn't call as far as third world country, just not as strong as the real world US. Actually, considering so far, the magician shown in the novel usually belong to an old line of magician in the country(something like knighthood), I even doubt if there is magician for hire in the novel's world or not. Alliance is a definite possibility though, although the question become, is the magician in the magician association considering how usually magician association is portrayed very closed toward outside interference in fiction.
Old lineage does not mean not for hire. Historically speaking, bloodline has nothing to do with whether an individual becomes a mercenary or not. In fact, some of the younger sons of Kings or even some rulers themselves, such Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel(technically an equal to his employer, the King of Prussia since they are both vassals of the HRE), a small German state,have hired themselves out as soldiers to other countries. More importantly,with enough money, anyone could be hired.

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