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You have a point. But the dark magicians must be stupid then. It's obvious that you cannot fight a campione unless you are a god or another campione. But after rereading the first chapter six, it strikes me that the magic knowledge of magicians of NA are somewhat deficient. Jack, J.P.S' friend, and a member of the SSI(US magic government agency) does not even know what Campione or 'God Killer' actually meant.He simply thought that JPS was called a God Killer because he was a fearsome person. If a government officer(who was also a magician) does not know, I doubt the average dark magician would know.
Actaully I think all of the mages in the U.S. both good and evil are pretty lacking when it comes to intelligence the SSI seems to be a rather weak orgization and the sorcerers are hunting for something In Campione stomping grounds that they aren't really sure what it does and if it's even still been in the region rescently.

That's why they should just hire mercenaries. With the money they spend each year upgrading their military, they could have just diverted those cash into fixing public security.
We don't know that much about the old established magicial socities it's quite possible that they don't normally let members leave there orginaztions alive. I know that Liliana and Erica did but since they were going to be serving Godou a Campione that would make it far from typicial.

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It's not quite that simple, wasn't the reason all the dark mages were in L.A. because of the angel's remains? In any case, I doubt they picked the fight, JPS probably stopped their nefarious deeds. BTW, Jack isn't a magician actually.
Originally Posted by darthfanta View Post
They were there because of the angel's remains, but hell, I don't even know why they even bothered. If are trying to find it, they should just give up--
Spoiler for vol 10:
About Jack, it's been said that he used to be a police officer and he used a gun, but are you sure he's no magician?He's been selected by SSI because of his premonition abilities to tell the danger levels of enemies.
One thing that was drawing in the dark mages was the angel's remains but a holy relic vague claim of giving ultimate magicial power that you can't confirm was ever there seems like a pretty dumb reason to be going head to head with a god slayer.

As far as Jack goes whether he was a mage or not it's irrelvant he was a member of the SSI and very involved with dealings JPS if the SSI was worth it's salt he would have known.
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