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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
I haven't seen anyone so far post their opinion of next episode's preview in a spoiler tag before, seeing that it's a part of the current episode discussion.

If you don't watch it, then it doesn't mean that other can't discuss about it normally though
While I agree to an extent, I think discussion based on previews, blogs from the official sites, etc can be easily put inside clearly marked spoiler tags. It's like how a lot of folks have the presence in mind to put their take inside spoiler tags after watching a RAW episode. They don't need to, but they are awesome enough to show consideration for others who are waiting for the subs. Series that are discussed in threads have less room to work with to accommodate all kind of discussion that can easily take place in dedicated forums. Fortunately for us, Fairly Tail has its own dedicated forum, so please use the following thread for discussion based on previews and such...

Keep in mind that the thread linked above is for anime-only viewers. Fans familiar with the source material should be using the other thread when disclosing/discussing information that has yet to appear in the anime.
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