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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh
Question: why doesn't Kyon wonder about Mikuru? (I know I do...)

I mean, he said it himself: she looks like she'd be useless even with a weapon. She flinches and cowers all the time. So why was she, of all people, chose to go back into the past?

Yuki was made by weird beings, so even if she's far from perfect, one can think she was the best the data entities could do with their limited understanding of human condition.

Itsuki's powers were given out randomly, and not to many people. Maybe he was the only high schooler or something. So it's not too odd if he has a weird body language.

But Mikuru came from the future. They should have had a planetful of people to pick from, so why did they select her?
Only my theory but, one word: EXPENDABLE

She's clearly junior rank, no authorization, no weapons -- just observe and report.
Survival is not even a requirement I'd say.

In Itsuki's case... it may have had something to do an initially receptive state of mind. I bet he was almost as serene before he awakened
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