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Originally Posted by rooboy666
I've read the first chapter two chapters now and it's a little different than I was expecting - less over-the-top fighting and more fanservice-y.

I dunno about the dameningen part though - he seemed pretty quick on his feet mentally - though like most such leads I imagine that his good points quickly get forgotten after the first volume.

Is the manga awful? (As implied by your liking it less than the anime) I was thinking about maybe picking up the first couple of volumes after reading the first chapter, but your hesitation about it makes it seem like a pass.
The main characters is smart, quick thinking and everything. He just has one character flaw, one missing attribute, and it drives me nuts. (I leave it to you to discover what this is). In every other way I find him an excellent protagonist. He is not a dispensible prop, he's very much the center of the story.

I cant say whether I like it more or less than the anime, since the anime is not out yet.

I plan to order volume 5- I'll post my thoughts on it here if youre interested.
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