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For the record, that's wrong. "Funnels/bits" are the names through which Gundam introduced remote weapons, and is the widely used name. Basically, bits are remote weapons with their own reactors for self-sustained combat. Funnels are remote weapons charged by the mech its attached to, and were more widely used in the Gundam franchise than bits, so "funnels" is the more commonly known of the two names.

"Dragoon" is the name Gundam SEED called its version of funnels 20 years later.
Then, Blue Tears's weapon would be "funnels". Because they return to the frame after attacking instead of staying airborne.

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So I Just watched the battle in 1st ep once again. Hmm, interesting points:

- Ichika's IS uses the beam saber right from the start and the usage seems longer. Meaning the shield energy storage seems quite abundant for the 1st ep Byakushiki.
- that Byakushiki could use 'Shining Finger'........ >_>;
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