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Maybe it's just me but I guess I'm liking everything about this anime. There's absolutely no pretense or gimmick about this romance and I like that. And here this anime makes better antagonist with depth in one episode than well, a lot of anime these days. At first I thought that there might be not really a strong chemistry but now I think it's one of better couples portrayed well and I don't really see that much strong chemistry even in goddamn hollywood movies. Just like OP, I feel this anime has some sort of that frank honesty and laidback feelings.

I am not so crazy about the cast but can't complain since they performed it in perfection. The pacing this time didn't feel so fast because there were some expositions that provided much needed personality to the Gary Stu character. Well in my experience, he felt real enough with this episode but here he gets some more of his feelings why he chose a normal girl out of all those popular candidates. As for the antagonist, there was a good reason why she had to be so blunt and offensive to a girl she has never met before still too overbearing but I could understand. I still don't like this kind of character since I cannot count how many times I have seen this sort of character in my experience.

Maybe I like this anime because it's familiar to me, too. I'm not too knowleageable of the source material but all these characters in this anime, I can identify them from my experience.
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