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Originally Posted by Soliloquy View Post
Maybe it's just me but I guess I'm liking everything about this anime....
It's not just you. You just have good taste, like the rest of us here. Lol.

I was fairly confident before the season started that this show would be good. Mainly because of the director/writer, Satou Takuya, who has done two shows of completely different kinds that I really liked: Ichigo Mashimaro and Steins;Gate. He's just knows how to do this.

And also because of the stars, Sakurai Takahiro and Kayano Ai, who are two seiyuus that are pretty near the top, at least for me. I thought Sakurai gave the best performance of 2010 as Yaichi in House of Five Leaves. And although Kayanon has only been around for two years, since she switched from doing relaxation therapy in a salon, she not only has a lovely voice, but can also act. The story is that she used to come home from work late at night and watch ARIA, and started to want to be a seiyuu then.

And also because of the manga, which I have read quite a bit of (past this point). I haven't read any other mangas by the same author, HAZUKI Kanae, but I think I'll start now. As you say, the romance is fairly natural, and the characters quite real. That's despite the fact we have some traditional shoujo memes going on here.
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