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Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
Okay, I'm about ready to just quit this game. I've been playing online for the past 40 minutes or so... and I haven't won a single match. I can even count how many rounds I won on one hand. I'm trying to improve my play style but I can't seem to wrap my mind around the game.

Not to mention it's incredibly frustrating, there are so many times when I lose because my last attack whiffed, or if I was a hairline away from winning and somehow they make a comeback... then there's winning 2 rounds and losing 3 (which I didn't even get to do today). Then there are the matches where I don't even stand a chance, like... no matter what I do, no matter what I thought I learned I end up getting beaten so badly it's like this is the first time I picked up the game... and I've been playing Tekken for years... :|

It could also be the combination of my lack of understanding and the characters I'm using seeing as Xiaoyu and Miharu are advanced... but quite honestly, I'd rather quit the game. They're the main reasons I even got this game in the first place.

I keep reading that going into practice mode and training against certain attacks and setups is a wise thing to do... but I don't know, past a certain point it'll feel less like a game and more like a chore. I don't feel like sitting and teaching myself how to play a game I've been trying to pick up for years... it's too tedious sounding for a game for me (especially considering HOW MANY things I'd have to train for in Practice Mode, I'd be playing Practice Mode all day just trying to find out how to properly counter one move... and then when I play against somebody else I'll either forget or my strategy won't work and it'll all have been for nothing). I'm probably going to stick to offline since I don't know anyone to play online with. :|
you just need to read framedatas, experiment stuff like frame traps, oki etc..
you don't need to practice to counter a single move, if your opponent uses it a couple of times, you should be able to read it by the next round.
Tekken is a game of patience, wait for the opponent to whiff his/her launcher then retaliate.
use lows to your advantage
grab when you need to

there are a lot of options, you just need to learn it.

fighting games are all about mind reading. don't give up
just because you aren't winning doesn't mean you're bad, it just means your opponent is better than you are right now but that does not mean you can't beat him/her

I play on local tourneys, I lose too but that doesn't stop me from trying
be positive, man

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