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Originally Posted by Chiaki_chan View Post
I have a question for the mode "ghost" characters can have a grade "dan, 2 dan ect ect" is faster than Tekken 6 should also be acknowledged and that the power of a person who is example "Berserker" is stronger than "Master" ect ect? me after you say "yes of course" but frankly I do not see any difference or it's just me ...
Hmm, yes. I feel that the ghosts with high ranks are more difficult than the low ranks, regardless the difficulty settings. For example, a "Brawler" rank ghost feels just the same in both easy and up to ultra hard mode, while a "Tekken Emperor" ghost is still difficult to fight even in easy mode.

But if we're good enough with our character, the ranks won't be that problematic anymore.

A little news for today...
We'll get the remaining characters (Dr. B, Unknown, and Violet) on this week
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