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OMG it is so not fair! I didn't watch epi 10 coz I thought they were going to do their split epi thing and didn't want to be left on a cliff hanger and what happens? I get cliff hangered!!!

I really enjoyed both episodes, Hiro finally pulls his socks up and gives himself, Kei and Miyako a path out of the jumbled maze of their lives. I chortled when the show confirmed my ranting about Hiro drawing to impress the girls and that Miyako would take the look only at me thing too much to heart. I guess when it comes down to it for this side of the story only Hiro resolved anything, Kei and Miyako in my mind ended up as choices for him. It is a shame really I was quite disappointed in the confirmation of Miya's issues. I expected a little more impact then just her parents hating each other and divorcing. I guess to me it just seems that she swapped one crutch for another.

Now I was on the edge of my seat with Renji and Chihiro from the moment she started fafting around about the end of the story. I was thinking that it would be her final thing she was going to do and I also thought she was going to chuck herself off the roof. I bleeping well hope she doesn't next episode.... Also another muhahahah scene when the happy slapper all but confirms that he has certain feelings for her. I can only think that him slapping Chihiro was fuelled by jealousy now. I just hope that she doesn't throw herself off the roof as it would be ironic that he gave them the key!

I really hope that Renji takes this chance of seeing Chihiro's memories getting blown away to realise that actually they don't mean all that. Memories only really count if you don't get the chance to make new and better ones. Its like going on holiday and spending your time taking photos instead of just enjoying yourself. Hopefully he will realise that Chihiro will always forget what happens after her time limit is up, but what counts is that they are together to make more.

One thing that comes to mind is Chihiro might be left with one unforgettable memory of Renji if she ends up with a bun in the oven!
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