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I'm not fond of either genre and when I browse anidb for worthwhile older shows the genre labels shounen ai/shoujo ai are even exclusion criteria.

Maybe there is a yaoi/yuri romance equivalent of, say, Lovely Complex somewhere out there but I very much doubt it. I'm suspicious of anime about gays for the same reason I'm suspicious about anime about e.g. maids. First of all, it means fetish pandering - and that will have its negative impact on the anime as a whole. At least if you're not in for the fetish. The strange, often mono-gendered settings are only one example.

Other clichés like the gender-bending, "forced" (by the situation) relationships and the general beating around the bush prove IMHO that homosexuality not that well accepted among anime otaku - quite the contrary. (I don't know about the overwhelming rest of the Japanese society but I have my doubts here too).

The only anime right now I can think of that deals with homosexuality not primarily as a fetish or for comedy reasons is Antique Bakery.
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