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It's not odd at all, because the male protagonist is not meant to be an object of desire, but rather a self insertion. The girls are more interesting and they are the object of desire, but the male lead is needed because that's the point of view of the audience.
I never got the mentality, to be honest. How come people, including quite a few otakus, I am sure, can easily identify with any random teenager with incredible superpowers (insert random shonen action lead as an example), yet they apparently can't identify with anyone with any personality depth in a romance series. He can be a total loser with no social life, if that's needed for them to identify with him, and still have depth and development. Could it be because they are too used to dating sims where self-insertion is almost literal?

On the other hand, not all the male readers are Otaku, which is the reason you don't see any anime adapted from these manga.
I would venture that the fact that the majority of these manga are either one shots or only few volumes long doesn't help either.
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