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BL also has a stronger range of genres and subjects it covers, whereas yuri seems regulated to the "boarding school ghetto", mainly because of the pervading notion that persists to this day that the only reason a girl could be attracted to another girl is because there are no men around. The girl's sexuality is still orbiting around men, it's just that she was treated cruelly by them and seeks "immature" solace with another woman.
Really? I can't really think of many instances in yuri manga or anime where a female character turns to girls love mainly because some evil bastard of a man treated her harshly. In quite a few yuri mangas there are no men whatsoever in any capacity. The girls only school cliche is way too prevalent, true. But then again, twenty something or older female main characters in the anime industry are an extreme rarity, so it's not too surprising that the yuri genre follows this (rather annoying) trend.

Some people say they like yuri because it feels more emotional and less shallow, but I think yuri has an issue with being too much one way or the other.
I agree, the yuri genre seems to struggle to find the middle ground between innocence and smut. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy the most the manga or anime in which the predatory lesbian achetype is shown in a more or less humorous light.
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