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Originally Posted by musouka View Post

BL also has a stronger range of genres and subjects it covers, whereas yuri seems regulated to the "boarding school ghetto", mainly because of the pervading notion that persists to this day that the only reason a girl could be attracted to another girl is because there are no men around. The girl's sexuality is still orbiting around men, it's just that she was treated cruelly by them and seeks "immature" solace with another woman. At least BL deals with the concept of girlfriends and societal disapproval, even if it's in the most general sense of "but we're two guys".
Could that be one of the reasons why yaoi was able to grow immensely faster with the fanbase and manga publication than yuri especially with yaoi having more variety of subjects? I always want to determine what certain event of time (or at least a time period) when yaoi started to pick up in popularity and kept on relatively increasing its presence so that way yuri can emulate that progress. It just seems horrifically stagnate how most yuri stories seem to relegate to these all-girl school environments and/or involve some sort of crossdressing/genderbending plot.

On another note, how come no Japanese ever came up with an anime or manga plot dealing all about lesbian vampires like Carmilla? That has a lot of potential of nailing a lot of tropes in one shot!
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