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Originally Posted by Waking_Dreamer View Post
More selfless than Minori? How so?

The moment she realised she liked Ryuuji she tried to claim him.
Situational difference here. You really can't compare and she didn't run all the way down to school to get him. Maybe you should also consider the degree of how strong the feelings of each girl are for the guy.

How long has it been since Minori realised she liked Ryuuji?
She started becoming interested, as a possibility back in October, but it was sometime during November that she began to seriously consider a relationship, so a little bit more than one month?

Who besides the Student Council President has rejected the person they liked even when they were confessed to?
There's a major, major, difference here. The Student Council President did what she did for Kitamura's sake.

Minori is scared of hurting anyone (that's Taiga and Ryuuji, not just Taiga) and more comfortable with the status quo when everybody's happy and Christmas Eve didn't happen. That's what her new attitude is reflecting. Taiga's actions were and are really more about making Ryuuji happy. I mean, since this is something I've been feeling recently, but it feels like Taiga and Minori are really just superficial friends.

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