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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post

I would believe that Minori rejected him that night not because of some self sacrifice, but because she just doesn;t see him that way, and it was time for him to get over her and go to the girl that really cared for him: Taiga. She doesn't like Ryuuji romantically, and it's just going to hurt Ryuuji in the long run if he keeps hoping on the wrong woman. Minori understands that Taiga and Ryuuji's relationship is awkward enough as it is, and rejecting him should have been the way for him to just move on to greener pastures. Taiga assumes they like each other, and to me Minori does not, and thus does not really involve an emotional sacrifice on her part.

Then what was that whole, "Are your feelings of guilt gone?" moment when Ami asked Minori after the girls concluded the Taiga liked Kitamura.

Also, no emotional sacrifice on Minoris part, there's is so much I feel wrong with that statement...

People, Minoris hurting - hurting a lot. I cant believe quite a few people dont see that...or shrug it off as nothing major. Wasnt she the energetic one? The one that always had a smile? The one that faces everything head on?

Her total polar behavior is more than enough for me to know she's hurting quite deeply inside...enough said.
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