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Originally Posted by roan View Post
They never really talked before in their freshmen year.
As far as I know, the novel or the anime hasn't mentioned the extent of interaction between Ryuuji and Minori in their freshmen year. It doesn't mean there's none. Besides even if there's none just a mere sighting could start a crush. But I think there is. In the first chapter/episode the first conversation between the two involves Minori approaching Ryuuji and asking if he remembers her. They must've been introduced by Kitamura during softball.

Why would she have a crush on him back then?
I don't know. It could be something illogical. The reason is irrelevant anyway.

What got me curious rather was why at the start, aside from Kitamura (because their parents were friends so they have long known each other) and Taiga (because she doesn't give a sh*t about his reputation), Minori could approach Ryuuji and not get intimidated or frightened. Was it because she's just sunshiny and nice with everyone? (Ok, I think this reason is valid and weakens my argument. Although, hasn't it been established that this genki appearance is just a mask? What was her reason for putting it on?)

It also contradicts the UFO story. She just never had any interest in romance until Ryuuji showed her the "ghost" at the summer outing.
At that time the rumors were about Ryuuji and Taiga. Minori had backed down and concluded that romance was not for her.


Huh? I actually don't think we have the same conclusion. I'm even claiming Minorin has at least a crush on Ryuuji since first year. Well, we could agree on the degree of Minori's attraction, though. Anyway, I see you've edited your post.

Still, walang anuman And I still find your take on Taiga's personality a good one, and what I would also want to say, just that I lack the psychology expertise to put the right terms.

It's also good that you tried to do similar analysis on Minori. She's been a character neglected by most viewers, but, unfortunately, neglecting her would impact on the enjoyment and comprehension of the episodes in this season.
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