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I think 6 is a little too harsh, no?

OK, people who know me know I have different barometers for different genres.

Since this is slice-of-life, I'll use the lax barometer.

Animation Quality: 8.
To repeat what Shimathekat said, yes the quality dropped a little from CLANNAD. But not by MUCH, so it's OK.

Voice Actors: 8
They were rookies? I didn't know.

Script/Editing: NA
Since this is a slice-of-life, this is moot and thus not applicable.

Soundtrack: 10
The strength of this series.

Enjoyment: 8
Less than Haruhi, but still deserving.

Emotional Involvement: NA
Again, SOL isn't something I'd mention together with emotional, so I'll let this slide.

Total: 8.5
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