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Ok! Here it goes my impressions:

Animation Quality: 9

I didn't like the animation style at first, but as long as I continued watching I noticed that it fits perfectly in this type of series!

Voice Actors: 10

The best thing in K-ON! The voice acting was perfect!

Script: 8

Nothing much to say about the script. I liked the jokes, the situations and all of the moe stuff, but I really miss some character development.

Soundtrack: 9

The OP and the ED are great! The musics in the concerts not as great but satisfying. The rest of the OST works fine. So, 9/10.

Enjoyment: 10

Every episode made me smile. A 100% enjoyable series.

Emotional Involvement: 7

This is the weak point of K-ON. Because it don't have a good character development during the series, you don't make a clear relation between you and the characters. But you still love all of them.

Overall: 8,5

Oh, BTW, second season? Yes, please!
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