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Animation Quality: 8
For the most part the animation quality was good, however at points it slipped, and at point I plain and simple didn't like it, however it was by no means bad - the level of detail was good, overall I thought the animation quality was pleasing.
Voice Actors: 7
They were rookies, and you can't expect rookies to be great, however it wasn't bad, I've heard professional voice actors slip up much more. On the flip side the characters were very exaggerated in their nature, it wasn't the most difficult thing to voice act.
Script: 4
And this is where the series really failed, the script was just annoying. None of the episodic plots were above average, some of the writing was plain clumsy, and the characters were repetitive and rather boring - generally the script was awful - it certainly didn't keep me interested. On the flip side there were some good jokes and funny moments.
Soundtrack: 6
I thought all the music was rather average, nothing really jumped out as WOW, but nothing really made me want to press mute.
Enjoyment: 5
It had potential, I must admit it had potential, but to me it ended up as another heavily cliched anime that just didn't do much for me - it caused a bit of hype, caused some anticipation, then left me feeling completely indifferent, there were some good moments, but they were out weighed by the bad ones.
Emotional Involvement: 4
Well nothing particularly melodramatic or interesting happened, there was no emotional involvement, just minor involvement in a few of the sub plots.

Final score: 6 - animation was good, as were the technical aspects in general, but the main body simply wasn't up to it.
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