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Animation Quality: 8
It wasn't as beautifully animated as the likes of Haruhi or Clannad, but it suited the series. I wish they would've stuck more to the original manga-ka's style rather than a Lucky Star/Haruhi mix.

Voice Actors: 10
I'm not picky about voice actors, so I had no problems. I especially loved it when Yui's VA would speak in her "sumo" voice.

Script: 6
It was average. I think the funny moments were more visually-based, rather than dependent on the script.

Soundtrack: 7
I loved the songs. My favorite was Cagayake! Girls. But the background music was pretty forgettable.

Editing: N/A

Enjoyment: 6
At first, I loved K-ON!. My enjoyment gradually decreased, and I wasn't excited to watch it anymore. The overexposure of Moe!Mio has a correlation with this, methinks. lol Luckily, Mio went back to a tolerable amount of moe later on in the series. The bonus episode is an exception though; it was my favorite episode in the series. (and after that episode 2)

Emotional Involvement: 9
I'll admit it. I can rant on K-On! characters and certain characters' popularity for years. I guess you can consider that emotional involvement.

Overall Rating: 8/10
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