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Problem is that the end product will be very rushed, just like the UBW movie was. And Zero is a very big prologue.
He mentioned a series of films, not just one film (like UBW). If you ask me, Kara no Kyoukai did a very nice job at adapting the novels, and the fan response to it is so positive that I doubt you'd find a lot of people disagreeing with this statement.

Besides, being OVAs won't guarantee longer running time in the end. Tales of Symphonia OVAs had all around 30 minutes per episode, with some getting to 40. Rakkyo had several movies which ran for more than an hour, while the shortest ones were around 40 minutes.

All that isn't particularly important, anyway, because what really will make the cut in the end is how good the staff is. And I think these guys - in particular Aoki Ei - have already proven themselves as worthy of the fans' trust. Not to mention that Urobuchi Gen himself said that the length of the project will allow them to adapt everything from the original novels and still add some original scenes.
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