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Infinite Stratos Character Creation and Fanfiction Discussion

Welcome to the Infinite Stratos Character Creation and Discussion thread.

This thread is a place where you can discuss your own Original Infinite Stratos characters, created by taking the principles known about the IS-universe into consideration.

As a reference, you can see some extra information in the following post:

As most other threads, this is a discussion thread, thus you are expected to comment on other people's creations in case you submit your own character. Do not simply drop by to submit your creation.
Posts that serve only to submit a character without contributing anything to the discussion will be deleted. If you happen to come across such posts, feel free to use the Report button , so we can keep the discussion going. Discussion means that people will disagree with you. Try to listen to them before ignoring them for trying to ‘kill your darlings’

Remember: when creating a character it is important to give as much specific information as you can come up with. This will keep things more interesting for every one. Some basic things are:

Character's name
Looks (Hair style, color/eyes/physical profile/etc...)
Alignment (good/evil/chaotic/lawful etc...)
Powers (Device/Specialization/Combat Style/etc...)
Background (What hole did he/she crawl out of)
Anything else you can think of

Please avoid DBZ-like characters. Unstoppable gods with enough power to blow up a planet by accidentally sneezing doesn't make for a very interesting discussion, and is not faithful to IS-universe. Try to have the character as realistic as possible in term of abilities. If possible, try not posting too many characters in one post.

How detailed you describe everything is up to you, but the more details - the more things to discuss.

From this point and onwards (February 7), this thread will also serve as a place to discuss IS fanfic related material. All guidelines used in other fanfic threads will be carried over and we (the staff) expect that people will follow them.

*Guidelines and rules for fanfics:

Fanfiction works can be either posted in this thread or in the Fan Creations Forum and linked to in this thread. You may also link to Fanfiction works posted on other sites and discuss it here.

General rules of our forum still apply:
No sexually explicit material. Yes, this goes for text format as well.
Be polite to your fellow forum members
Have fun, but post intelligently

Please respect the authors, fanfictions are written in their free time, they have no gain and owe you nothing; if they like a particular character and/or a particular pattern for their story, it's a personal choice and can't be blamed. In general, you are free to post constructive criticisms but not insults which (as in any other part of the forums) won't be tolerated. Remember that writers post here to get help and not to get troubles.

Thanks and have fun

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