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Originally Posted by Asuras View Post
Unless you plan on writing a fan fiction, there's no reason to really be involved with them.
Well I am actually so...

Originally Posted by asaqe View Post
Think of it as the only way to explain why can another guy be forced to live on Campus with Ichika (not in the same room, just the same Academy, his AC Garage is a quarters by itself. With enough room for warehouse raves . Since Canon explicitly states only girls can use IS, I needed a mech with enough kick to fight IS in battle but not be at an absolute advantage. Hence why Armored Cores was a prime choice.

Also, the idea of the crossover begins with the end of the events of Last Raven (Known to him as the 24 hour war.) where the AC3 world was desperately trying to find a way to survive after Vertex defeated the Alliance, with little resources left and only a single Raven qualified to be a soldier. They began a frantic search for other Layered societies but instead found a transport matrix which takes them to IS Earth. The IS Earth was clean and pristine enough to "expand in" and the event takes place before the events of IS.

To accomodate the Raven shortage, an impressment of MT pilots to AC piloting began. Because of the harsh training and near suicidal missions given, many AC Pilots went rogue and found their own warlord kingdoms in the world. While some work for the other corps, others were soon treated as champions of the old social order, men who could instill a sense of pride again to the disenfrachised male society who now have lower social status thanks to the IS.
So are the Cores the giant monsters we seen in the trailers or are they shrunken after going through that matrix?
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