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Well, he did do that when Mami was killed: "Contract with me, quick!" I'd suspect he could do it again when Madoka was threatened, but he didn't. Probably sensed she still didn't want to be an MG; in fact, she despaired hard enough to consider suicide, or at least dying, herself.
Actually if one ploy already failed, why try it again? You already noted that the poly failed before. The only thing that would make him try again would be because Homura might not show up this time.

But again, it a big neon sign saying "I help you only if i gain"

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And that's where a lot of us are coming from. Could he be evil? Sure. But a coincidence or two does not make me jump to the "evil!" conclusion.
We'll see. The only thing to me that would prevent furball from being evil would be to maintain a plot twist later but that is a meta reason.

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Well, I suppose I can understand how you feel. I don't agree, but I can see it as a viewpoint. Question then:

If you were in an accident that paralyzed you from the waste down, would you want to be cured? Or would you take the angle: "Well, I'm paralyzed, and it's stupid to get cured when it will teach me something good!" ?

I suspect I know the answer, but I'd like to hear it. Just a note that most people would probably choose to be cured, so you'll have to accept your viewpoint is in the minority.
Then you would be wrong, because i would wish for a cure because its for ME. Like Mami said to wish for yourself and her fewer regrets on her wish. That said, i would only do such a wish if it was within the period when i was adjusting to the condition.

After adjustment, it becomes desirable, not critical. The wish then becomes iffy

Now you should have asked, if i would cure someone close to me from paralysis. I would say depends. Is it terminal? If so how long? If its only waist down, sorry, i would rather spend the rest of my life making sure that person is ok rather than dying and leaving them alone without support.
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