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Originally Posted by momobunny View Post
Anyway, I kind of hope Madoka doesn't become a magical girl. It's possible that she won't go through the same kind of thing Mami went through, but I've never really wanted to see her actually become a magical girl under these circumstances. Risking your entire life for a single wish? There's not even a time limit to it, I could see if you had to be a magical girl for x amount of years, but the rest of your life is a bit much. I wouldn't mind if Madoka never turns into a magical girl just because she's my favorite and I'm afraid of what'd happen to her. Part of me thinks nobody in the cast is going to survive through this series. .__.;
To be honest, the more I look at those episodes, the more I think that the whole series is going to be about the beginning of her journey as a magical girl, with the deconstruction part as dressing of the story. So, the best end I can think with the evidences given in the episodes so far is of the bittersweet kind.
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