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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
I don't know how to say this without it sounding bad, but I'll have to: I'm kinda glad you're not a friend of mine. The friends I want, are those who would help me if they could, in the manner I would prefer. Sure, if I can't get cured, I'd like them to stick around and support me. But if they can, I'd like them to, simply because I'd do the same for them.
You seem to have ignored the fact that the "help" in this case means forfeiting your own life, which goes far beyond a simple "help if they could" as FlavorOfLife has pointed out. Thus the doctor example does not work as there is no harm on the doctor.

You need to recognize the fundamental difference between donation (what you are advocating) and sacrifice (what Madoka would have to do). No one has the right to request sacrifice.
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