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Originally Posted by Sageblink View Post
Though I hate speculation (because most of the time, it ends up with people fighting with each other to prove who's right base on pretty much... nothing), i've just rewatched the ending (cause i like the song...) and i'm asking myself :

Is there anyone who maybe thought of Madoka not being just a sweet girl ?

I have read the time loop theory among other things, and Mentar speculations about how she could become a real magical girl.
But as she's seen in... what i think is Mephistopheles' eye at the end of the credits, I don't know if i must think of the interest such an entity put on this girl, or if by some plot device, something darker was turned into that adorable and loving character ?

What if she can put an end to this all MG/witch war (like it is kinda said in the prologue in Episode 1), because she started it ?
"Rise, Darth Madoka"

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