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Charlotte, she is a CHAR! Sorry, I had to say it. Moving on...

I was delighted that Charlotte managed to maintain her position in this episode, and even make a little progress. I was afraid she'd start fading into the background like the two losers (Lin and Cecilia are such worthless characters now). One thing I love about Charlotte (among about a thousand other ones) is that she's incredibly insightful. Some of her remarks came out right out of my (and most viewers, I assume) mind.

Laura was also very cute in this episode, however her complete personality change is still a little hard to swallow. Her comedy scenes were pretty funny.

Chifuyu was the dark horse of this episode. She appeared out of nowhere and crushed everyone. Her figure is so stunning even Ichika, world's densest man, was in awe. First time in the series he reacted like a ordinary man.

As for Houki... I didn't even notice she was missing from about 3/4th of the episode until it was pointed out
She's really behind now.

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Spoiler for present:
It was stronly implied Houki's birthday is coming up soon, so I'm sure it's for her.
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