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As far as I remember, Evangelion was just as controversial as people are making Umineko out to be, implying that there was some greed on Ryukishi's part. IIRC, ep 25 and 26 were just as inconclusive to the plot of Evangelion, though it addressed Shinji's personal development. When they came out with the movie people decried it as greed on Gainax's part to 'make you go watch the movie.'

When people aren't satisfied it leads some to question people's motives. In the worst cases they'll ascribe bad intentions to actions that they have no real way of knowing. As if they were psychic. And if you then satisfy their answers with a follow up; well then that's just greed.

Umineko itself did cause us to think quite hard though. But if you look at how it went it seemed to me to be more about a discussion of mystery than an actual mystery itself. For example, the idea someone would come in to save Battler and thus maintain the closed room in EP6 was a nice way of presenting that idea to me. People do not need to come up with ideas no one else have thought of before; they can be merely introducing us to a genre or a concept. It will necessarily bore people who are 'experts' in the field, however.

But then there were a number of things that we had to think about that were applicable to the mystery in Umineko. Specifically, things like the Epitaph Puzzle itself, the Epitaph fakery, the Dead-Kinzo plot, the 10th Twilight... and a number of other things that weren't related to the mystery but were a puzzle none-the-less. Like the Author Theory.

Anyways, if people are worried that there will never be answers... I'm sure history will repeat itself. IIRC, Anno Hideaki was pestered a lot about the story until he was forced to make the Evangelion movie? So don't worry, someone will be stalking Ryukishi. :3
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