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(I'm well aware someone could've done this already, but I didn't feel like reading through all the posts so that's that.

First off, is it just me or did Crocodile and Mr. 1 have a "monster point chopper" like boost in strength during the war. Crocodile went toe to toe with Doflamingo, Hawkeyes, Jozu, and Akainu. We don't know the outcome of any of those battles but it certainly didn't seem like Crocodile was at a clear disadvantage in any of these fights.

Considering he lost to luffy before he was even a 100 million berry man what could possibly account for such a large jump in strength in him as well as in Daz Bones. Not that I'm complaining, I like the new croc and Daz. but it seems a really heavy jump to make.

Here's my opinion as to why Crocodile is stronger now:

1. Arrogance, didn't take Luffy seriously enough when they fought.
2. Lack of will power, Crocodile's will seems a lot stronger now than before.
3. No one knows his weakness.
4. May have gotten stronger in prison

Number 3 is the big one, if you remember back to the fight with Enel Oda stated that Enel's bounty would be in excess of 500mil had he'd been a real pirate. Luffy's bounty at the time was only a 100 million clearly not enough to win. But since his rubber neutralized his ability to produce electricity that gave Luffy a big enough edge to win. Since Luffy's bounty was at 100mill when he fought enel would that mean that learning the elemental weakness cuts your power down to a fifth? If that's the case then it may not be unreasonable to believe he could lose to Luffy and then fight on equal terms with the big shots. But even with that in mind I'd say Crocodile was far more than a fifth of his strength when he fought Luffy, and that still doesn't explain why Daz Bones has gotten so strong.

Crocodile was always very strong. He "lost" to luffy only because 1) he severely under-estimated luffy even in the 3rd and last fight, 2) luffy knew his weakness, 3) the final fight was in a sealed room. Crocodile had multiple handicaps and even then the fight was in his favour. The fact that he never lost in a desert fight even when he had been in the new world before says a lot.

To me, luffy still lost. The match was technically a double KO with Luffy getting a duex ex-machina finishing blow on will power. But the double KO was only in terms of a ritualised duel. In a real fight as that was, the one-on-one was won by crocodile as luffy was going to die and crocodile was only unconscious. The only reason Luffy survived was due to Robin.

For Daz Bone, I don't recall he did much during the war. He didn't go against major enemies like the VAs, so doing well against grunts seems to be fair. Given his body and abilities, he is especially suited to survive the war without injury unless he meets a haki user. even a seastone would only make him strengthless but he would still be metal...

In fact, he would probably have no problems fighting with CP9 at all which both luffy and zoro had problems against. Or at least draw with them.

Off topic, but luffy's win against Eneru was even worse considering that even without his lightning, Enel should have been able to dodge all attacks and move much faster than him.
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