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But the double KO was only in terms of a ritualised duel. In a real fight as that was, the one-on-one was won by crocodile as luffy was going to die and crocodile was only unconscious.
exactly .. Croc poisoned Luffy and pretty much won the fight .. Luffy needed other people to save his life afterwards

Daz is good enough to last some time in marineford, but we saw Mihawk own him, as it should've been .. although I don't think Daz is ALWAYS metal, like Luffy is ALWAYS rubber .. Daz activates it like Jozu I think

Enel never once demonsrated speed that you'd expect from lightning (which differs a lot, under some conditions return stroke of a lightning bolt can travel short distances at a significant fraction (1/3 or 1/2+) of the speed of light .. total avg speed is still thousands or at least hundreds of km/miles per second) in his fight with Luffy .. he 'teleported' (probably fast movement) once or twice though outside the fight afaik .. tha's why Kizaru > Enel
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