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Thanks Blackbeard D. Kuma for the informative and slightly condescending lesson, but I'm well aware bounty isn't reflexive of strength. That doesn't change the fact that something doesn't make sense about all of this. Bounty is not entirely indicative of the strength of a character but it doesn't mean it should be dismissed. Clearly, most bounties give you a good indicator of what that person's strength is. But even going by other measures such as relative strength it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Honestly, what percentage chance would you give pre time skip Luffy of defeating Jozu, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Akainu, or Whitebeard? I'd say pretty close to zero for all of them. Having said that would it shock you if Luffy got owned in one hit by any of these guys? I don't think it would. And yet Crocodile came out of all of those fights unscathed. Luffy went toe to toe with some of those guys as well, but thats only because he had help (namely from Crocodile!). You can say what you want about how Crocodile wasn't taking Luffy seriously in their previous encounter, but in that final fight he clearly was. I'd think if Crocodile was reasonably this strong to begin with, once the gloves came off in Alabasta don't you think he'd be able to one hit KO Luffy as well? Especially when you consider how much weaker Luffy was then as opposed to now, it doesn't make sense. I mean he was fresh out of East Blue for crying out loud!

Don't get me wrong, as I said before I'm a big fan of the new Crocodile and Daz Bones, so I'm not complaining about their sudden surge in strength. But I put a huge emphasis on the word "new." Meaning this clearly isn't a power that they had before. Both Crocodile and Daz are showing a strength that is at least several times greater than what they showed in Alabasta. Of course I myself have felt for a long time Crocodile was stronger than Luffy, but by this much? He lost to Luffy with no 2nd or third gears a few arcs back and now he looks like a Yonkou. There is clearly a large unexplained gap in Crocodile's power that needs to be explained. I'm sorry but no matter what the circumstances there's no logical reason for one to be able to go from being pwned by a gearless Luffy to fighting on equal terms with Mihawk.

Of course if Oda were to explain all of this logically I'd happily accept it. Like for instance, maybe Crocodile and Daz know Haki but just weren't using it in their fights. That would explain a lot. But so far no explanation has been given and its left me a bit dumbfounded.
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