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LOL. I don't think he was a troublemaker; he can be hot-tempered but he's pretty polite to adults.

I think committing to a ten year apprenticeships is pretty ambitious. I couldn't even commit to a major. I changed mine four times before I decided on East Asian Studies. I think he is ambitious, but he's decided that he wants to be a chef. It's not the same career that it is in the US. You work your way up. There aren't the sort of culinary diploma mills that you get here.

College in Japan is a little different. Students decide on the type of career they're interested in pursuing in high school, which is why Kou was scolding Ohana in episode 1. (That's another reason why I think Tooru has been an apprentice for a while. ) So if you were interested in being a doctor, you would take your exams and apply to start your studies at the undergraduate level instead of applying after you have a BA/BS. That's why you always see kids busting their butts for exams in anime. And the higher the rank of the college that you can get into, the better your chances of success are in your career. There's a reason why the last umpteen Prime Ministers have been Keio or Tokyo U grads.
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