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Technically, you can say the same thing about each of the other world powers; why should they allow the other rivals to exist? Remember how Sergei was angry that AEU's arms trading practices caused HRL's elevator to come under attack by Helions? Or how the Union had a full squad of armed Flags flew right into HRL territory in secret?

CB was not massive, nor was it unpredictable. CB followed its declared doctrine to the letter for many months, which was the reason the trap in the desert worked. If CB was malicious and not do what it says when it suited them, the trap in China would never have worked as they would simply ignore the terrorists.

For all intent and purposes, CB was more reliable than the world powers; at least they do what they say they are doing.

The nations have "Legitimacy"? Does this "legitimacy" give authority to lie, cheat and rob whenever it wants?
I find it outragous for people to claim CB to be untrustworthy when the world powers were lying to each other and their own people over and over again, to the plain view of the audience. If you want to talk about trust, let's make it all-encompassing; Who lied more, CB or the world powers?
The enemy you know? Every one of the Factions have their own self-interests, a people to protect, open-lines of communication, and while diplicity exists, so do real-world consenquences for their actions. The HRL suffered a blow when the Human Enhancement Project was revealed. The AEU lost face when they were shown to be in violation of a treaty.

Basically the Factions have to be responsible, even when they're not acting in good faith. And you can count on them not doing anything that would cause too much trouble, especially due to their interdepency. They need eachother.

Celestial Being on the other hand, has no self-interests and their doctrine is full of shit, and they don't communicate with anyone, while potentionally being able to screw over the entire planet in matter of hours with one sortie.

Celestial Being is secretive. It is unstoppable. It always has the iniative. It has no country. No holdings. No people. And hardly ever says a word.

They're the scum of the universe, and should have been treated with utter contempt right from the beginning.
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