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Originally Posted by Wesley84 View Post
They aren't completely untrustworthy. The very fact they have self-interests and aren't sucidial and insanes adds tremedously to their credibilty and confidence. Celestial Being is demonstratably suicidal and quite possibly insane, along with no obvious self-interests.
What do you mean, the CB being insane?
They charge into a trap because they don't want terrorists getting their hands on uranium. Last I checked, numerous action heroes have done exactly that in movies without being labeled suicidal.

And CB has MASSIVE self-interests. Each and everyone on board the ship genuinely want to stop wars by policing the world, because they all genuinely hate war. And they kept to that goal even after their own organisation was disintegrating. They didn't do it for money, they didn't do it for power. They did it because they believe they are right. They fight because they believe it was worth fighting for. On the other hand, the world powers throw troops at them so they can steal power for themselves.

And most importantly, CB is genuine to themselves and everyone else. Something the world powers (other than HRL) was completely incapable of.
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