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Originally Posted by EXEs View Post
Jesus Raptor help us, it's this idiot again.

A peaceful world order? I think not. The war in Sri Lanka was there, even after 300 years. There are public bombings, shootings and kidnappings in the Middle East, just like there are now. Not so peaceful, if you ask me. And of course, if the world was so peaceful, then why the hell do Flags, Enacts, Tierens, etc exist? To fight, obviously. Celestial Being wanted to create peace by eliminating war with armed interventions, and they only fight when there is a conflict or when they are being attacked (The Thrones/Trinity siblings are an exception)
The world is never peaceful and it never will be. Even with America playing world police sometimes there will be people who disagree and think the best way to deal with a situation where the other guy thinks you're wrong is to kill him to convince him otherwise. Those conflicts you describe there are small local conflicts, so in a large scale yes the world is relatively peaceful in the sense that the three power blocs have a common interest in maintaining the balance and not going to war (Space Elevators anyone?) Why would any nation risk losing everything just so they can take over the world when they're headed by rational, competent leaders?
Mobile suits exists so that those countries can defend their assets from rogue nations and terrorists, not to spread conflict.

Calling CB's members insane or nuts means you've either haven't watched the show, or you weren't paying attention. Nearly all of them are fairly normal with the wish to stop war and fighting. However, (some of) the other side wanted war. Ali, for example, lives to fight, and he's a bit nuts, that's about it.

The members of Celestial Being were willing to die for their cause, and it takes bravery and determination, not a messed up mind.

. And their "weapons of mass destruction" were used to stop conflicts, not actively seeking out innocent targets and eliminating them.
Since when are has-been brainwashed child soldiers, drunks who have committed terrible crimes in the past, unstable dual personality genetic engineered super soldiers and androids normal? I'm sorry mate but your definition of Normal is pretty screwed up. The only normal person in CB is probably Lockon.

Their (Celestial Being's) cause is retarded, the fact that they are willing to die for basically stupid ideals, for nothing, just reinforces that they are not normal.
I think it is you who forgot to watch the show, what CB claimed, and what CB did were two different things. They claimed they wanted to end war and only attack those who start conflicts, but they indiscriminately pull the trigger w/o giving diplomacy a second chance. In Talibia they open fire on the Talibian army w/o waiting to see if the situation could be defused diplomatically, which both Talibia and the Union would have done before going to war and wasting billions of $ and destroying a country for silly reasons. Then in Moralia CB attacks a military EXERCISE which ends up crippling the country's economy and causes the deaths of quite a few civilians that would not have died as a result of the military exercise.
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