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Originally Posted by monstert View Post
More like to hide his real identity, along with the name change. (Though I'm still hoping the movie will declare him a clone.)
That's Fukuda and Morosawa's reason for giving him a mask... But what is NEO's reason? He really thought he was Neo Roanoke... He had no reason to hide that fact either.

Originally Posted by Vorenus View Post
Didn't Rau have a body aging faster than usual due to the fact he is a clone with short-telomeres ? Mwu and Kira were quite shocked when his face was revealed. He might have had a nice face in the non-masked flashbacks we had from him, but it was several years before Seed, and Rey was going to end up the same.
The Special Edition movies showed that his face was perfectly fine.

I guess he WAS supposed to have an effed up face in the TV series, but Fukuda being the nice guy he was probably wanted to show his face so people would recognize Rey in GSD...

As for Neo, Mwu being the sort of living legend he should be as "The Hawk of Endymion", I would bet his face is pretty well known by a lot of people in the OMNI Military he was originally from and was back as Neo.
The risk of people recognizing him and shouting "You're a MWU !" was too high...
And it just looks fearsome for the commander of a black-squad like Phantom Pain to wear a mask, a mask always adding to the character charisma in Gundam (by actually borrowing Char's).
So I guess the guys in charge of brainwashing decided to make him think that he needs to wear a mask to hide his identity? Possible...

Jamil while wearing a sunglasses to hide his past (from others and especially to himself since he was badly traumatized by war) doesn't act at all like the other masked characters in Gundam and doesn't have so much mystery about him since his whole past is revealed by the 5 first episodes.
He acts a bit like Schwarz, actually. The mentor type character who hides his identity/past from others as well as himself. And Cronicle didn't have much mystery either.
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