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As to why my hate for Suzaku burns with the power of a galactic core gamma ray, its sort of a gut reaction. I really, really dislike the paladin archetype, and he fits many of the more annoying tropes of that, while simultaneously assisting in the depopulation of civilian areas. Also, and perhaps this is a geographical thing, but he strikes me as something we southerners call a "House Slave". He is disturbingly ok with Britannians abusing/murdering/tyrannizing his own people, and this just gets right under my skin. Seems wrong somehow.
He is NOT ok with it. Seriously. If you think that, better rewatch him again. What he dislikes is violence, but at the same time dislikes discrimination.

But to him violence is the greater evil because it leads to more violence. (For those that say "then why does he fight"; he fights because he knows he can stop the violence from spiraling out of control if he defeats those that start the violence, which is what law enforcement basically is.)

That's why he wants a change from the inside, a method that would basically be less violent than open rebellion.

Because like what happened in season 1 to season 2, violent uprisings leads to even more brutal repressions until the "innate" violence has been supressed out of the rebels.
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