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Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
The 5 Most Offensive Attempts to Cash in on Hurricane Sandy
#1. Blaming the Hurricane on Homosexuals

Isn't it amazing how the "homosexual agenda" seems to consist entirely of controlling the weather? Anyway, if you're going to make fun of reactionary hate-mongering shitheads (like we are right now), their lack of originality is a great talking point to start with. They're blaming Sandy on the gays this time around, but when Katrina was beating the shit out of New Orleans, gay people got the blame for that, too.

Call us crazy, but maybe forcing people to huddle together to stave off hypothermia from freezing cold flood waters isn't the best idea to break up a union.
The sad thing is that I sense this is legit huh?

On the main note, hope most of you peeps are hanging in there okay, (those especially in the Caribbean too, not just America) being a Brit and having dealt with rains and floods in the streets more times than I care to count, just grab a pair of wellies and most you ya should be fine

(On the side note, the sharks swimming about was real too?)

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