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^ But wouldn't most people in situation out of curiosity ask: "What do you mean by that ?" or "why that is ?" instead of a simple "Oh".
No... because we're not talking about real "friends", we are talking about high school classmates who don't know each other but are trying to get along.

This is just like the cat burial example Araragi discussed: while everyone would think "I should bury this cat", most people would still hesistate to actually do it. This is the same thing. Not many people are willing to pry that far into someone or something they barely know about.

But for the sake of argument, let's assume that they ask further anyway. Then Hanekawa proceeds to tell them about how her real parents died with one of them committing suicide, and how her current parents don't accept her as their child.

What are high school children supposed to tell Hanekawa in return? "Don't worry, it'll get better?" That's a baseless lie.
Tell her they'll report her parents for child abuse? Once again, few people would actually go that far for people they aren't that close to, and even if they did, it's not a strong case. She was hit once, in a society and culture where capital punishment to discipline children is acceptable, and there is no other evidence that her parents have had a history of physically beating her more than that one time. Then, supposing that her parents do get convicted for child abuse for whatever imaginary evidence you think would magically work, what will happen to Hanekawa? She will get sent to another household she barely has any attachment to, and with Hanekawa's personality already being established, she can't force herself to act any more friendly to her new house either. Nothing gets solved.

Hanekawa's issue with her parents is clearly something beyond the scope of what a high school outsider like her classmates can handle or talk about. Even Araragi, who is her friend, outright stated that her household is doomed.
There is simply no way classmates who are casual acquantences can continue holding a conversation with her when she drops a depressing bombshell like that.
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