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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Probably the one that stands out the most to me is Scene Shifts There, which only plays for an extended period of time in Lucia's route despite being the best theme in the entire game, but then there's the overuse of the forest music and of other themes (like what is essentially the Guardian theme, I think it's called Reaping or something like that) that should really be more special than they are due to such overuse.
Again, the music is fantastic. There just aren't enough tracks for a game this long and complicated.
It seems like Rewrite isn't the only Key VN to have that problem, since I think Little Busters also suffers from having not enough tracks (it actually had even less soundtracks than Rewrite).

Originally Posted by Kirayuki View Post
If anything, I feel that the music is one of two things that I can fanboy all over without shame(the other is Lucia)
I agree. Rewrite had an soundtrack that stood out and was memorable. Actually, I would say that despite the instances in which the soundtrack felt out of place, the music is one of the best things about Rewrite. I really like "Philosophyz" and its alternate orchestral version "Philosophy of ours" (I would argue that this alternate version by itself greatly increased my opinion of the Moon and Terra routes because it made things so much more grandiose and awesome.) "Sunbright" is one of the many reasons why I like Lucia so much, and I think that her theme is the best out of all the heroines', even though I would argue that Lucia's theme doesn't perfectly fit her. "Fertilizer" is on par with Little Busters' "Ring Ring Ring" for how good and special the ordinary situation music can be. And the intro theme "Journey" gives off a really calm, mystical vibe that sets the tone for a lot of the VN. The music was definitely one of the highlights of Rewrite.

Speaking of Lucia, Key really knows how to make excellent sword-wielding girls with "jumbo boobs", as Kotarou puts it. Both Kurugaya and Lucia are favorite heroines in their respective VNs, and I wouldn't be surprised to see another sword wielding heroine in the next VN.
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