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Originally Posted by Yumeka View Post
Lucky Star is arguably just as popular as Haruhi and it also hasn't gotten any new anime adaptation for years. Sometimes I feel like KyoAni has lost interest in their old works and have shifted their focus to new works, like original series such as Tamako Market. But a part of me doesn't want to give up the hope that this is just their current trend and suddenly they'll surprise us with a revival of an old work, whether it's Haruhi or Lucky Star. I'm hoping the thing with Aya Hirano isn't a factor though.
Tamako Market is so bad.

Lucky Star doesn't get new adaptations because of the way the season finished.

People still care about Aya Hirano? Shit, it wasn't even as bad as the Kokoro Connect scandal. Was hoping people would forget about Aya's controversy.
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